In December 2009, I travelled to Copenhagen for the UN Climate Conference COP 15.  As part of the OU/BBC Creative Climate project I conducted a number of interviews with individuals taking part in the negotiations or in Copenhagen for other reasons.  Below are links to these interviews.

Cloud Factories- Marisol Becerra

Marisol I met Marisol at the DanHostel where she was staying.  It was great to meet someone from Chicago and I was deeply impressed by Marisol’s accomplishments and ambitions. She is a student at DePaul University and was in Copenhagen as part of her course and to represent her community in Chicago, Little Village.

Further information on Marisol:

Fighting the cloud factory

Visualising Climate Change- Ed Morris, Canary Project

Ed Morris Ed and I met at the Culture Futures conference at the beginning of my two weeks in Copenhagen.  Ed was in Copenhagen in part to write a series of articles for the online magazine GOOD on cultural responses to climate change in Copenhagen.  He kindly let me accompany him on the Thursday when he visited the RETHINK series of exhibitions across three galleries in Copenhagen.  We conducted the interview at the Nikolaj Copenhagen Contemporary Art Centre at the end of our day in the museums.

Further information:

Canary Project

Climate Culture/Counter Culture, Ed’s series for Good magazine

Stemming the cash flow- Matti Kohonen

MattiI knew Matti from the LSE and was surprised to run into him at the Klima Forum in Copenhagen.  In our interview he talks about his work with the Tax Justice Network and how it’s relevant to climate change.

Further information:

Tax Justice Network

Klima forum

Matti's 'office' in Copenhagen at the Klima Forum


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